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If the insurance company and the policyholder cannot agree to the value of the loss, our team is qualified to act as an Appraiser or an Umpire in your settlement.

When the Insurance Carrier and the Insured cannot come to an agreement on the value of a loss, either party may demand appraisal. Each party is responsible for appointing its own Appraiser. It is critical that both sides choose an experienced appraiser when attempting to reach an agreed settlement.

If the two selected appraisers cannot reach an agreement, the disagreement will be submitted to an umpire which is agreed upon at the beginning of the process. The Umpire must be an impartial, objective, competent person who is charged with reaching an agreement regarding the value of the property or the amount of the loss.

Most claims are settled without invoking the right to appraisal, but If the appraisal is needed it’s important to have a qualified professional to act on your behalf. Sanders Loss Recovery is here to provide the expertise and professionalism you need should you find yourself in an appraisal situation.

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